Key Principles:

Proportional Shares: Islamic inheritance divides the estate into fixed proportions for various heirs. The shares are determined based on the relationship between the deceased and the heir.

Priority of Heirs: In Islamic inheritance, certain heirs have priority over others. For example, spouses, children, parents, and siblings are typically entitled to inherit before distant relatives.

Exclusions: Some individuals are excluded from inheritance, such as non-Muslims and those who have intentionally killed the deceased.

Consult with Scholars: While our calculator offers a convenient way to estimate inheritance shares, it is important to consult with knowledgeable Islamic scholars or legal experts to ensure accuracy and compliance with specific circumstances and regional variations.


Our Islamic Inheritance Calculator is a valuable tool for individuals looking to adhere to Islamic principles when distributing their assets or assisting in the inheritance process. Remember that Islamic inheritance laws are both a religious obligation and a means to ensure justice and fairness within Muslim communities. Utilize this tool as a starting point and seek guidance from qualified experts to navigate this important aspect of Islamic finance and family law.

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